AuthorChris Rempel

Founder, marketer, writer, futurist.

“You Just Need a Good Product…”


Today I’m going to quickly deep-dive on something that’s always fascinated me… Specifically, I’m going to focus on why some of the most notable success stories in entrepreneurship at large directly contradict the age-old ‘better mousetrap’ philosophy… by succeeding wildly in spite of their average, ho-hum products. And no, I’m not just talking about...

The Future of Traffic Generation? Really, Really Hot Models.


Hey gang! Good heavens – it has been a while. For those who care, the preceding two blog posts (1, 2) provide somewhat of an update as to what the hell I’ve been doing for the past 3 years. So basically, if you’re my Mom, or the trying-too-hard insurance salesman who keeps sending me LinkedIn messages, see you back here in a few minutes.  For everyone else, let’s just dive...

We’re Heading into the Black Hole of Progress. (Buckle up…)


Are you a fan of scary roller-coasters? I’m not an avid enthusiast, but they don’t bother me. For some reason, I’ve always enjoyed the sensation of total surrender as I’m being hurtled down a track in what is essentially simulated chaos. It evokes a sort of placid calm, where I’m able to objectively immerse myself into the experience – largely because I have a...

What’s Your “Why”?


As the inaugural post to kick things off with my little digital soapbox, I wanted to put forward an initial challenge, of sorts. But first – 20 seconds of house-cleaning… As some of you may know – I’ve “retired” my brand, and presence in general, in the affiliate marketing space. I’ll soon be closing the doors over at (though I might...