Zag is Officially in Open Beta!


Hi friends!

Here’s a quick update about what’s going on in my insane life:

It only took about 300 years, but my startup has finally opened its doors!

After opening for early access in September, the platform has since undergone substantial upgrades & re-tooling.

The biggest of those being:

  • Actual app automation – the apps truly run on autopilot now
  • Intuitive PAYG billing, for each app. (This was astoundingly difficult!)
  • A complete visual overhaul of the UI & marketing site
  • A stable, fully-functioning Assets system
  • Detailed tutorials & training for each app
  • And a shit ton of other stuff. Lol.

Ironically, the apps themselves are really and truly the easy part. It’s building the infrastructure of an experimental platform like this that just takes absolutely forever. (Those who’ve done it are nodding in agreement).

But going forward – I believe the biggest hurdles have already been scaled, and now we can get back to the fun part:

  1. Finally going live. And
  2. Making more apps.

On that front, here’s what’s in the works…

Currently in Dev – App #8: “Compounding Interests”

This is the one that our early access users overwhelmingly voted for us to build next, so that’s what we’re doing.

In a nutshell it uses a bunch of strategic data-pulls, competitive scraping and realtime sentiment extraction to take a single keyword and turn it into literally thousands of related keywords, topics, phrases, categories & interests.

This is a goldmine for defining audience targets in places like FB ads – as well as for mapping out your market in general.

Next Up:

Our goal is to roll out at least one new app / month if possible for 2018. There’s a few from our legacy platform (called BigPixure) that we still need to transpose over to Zag, as well as some fun ones like “Chain Extraction” – an epic spidering process for finding hundreds / thousands of influencers & “industry celebrities” by proximity association.

I’ll rudely invade your inbox with details on them when they’re ready 🙂

In the meantime…

Our existing apps kick ass, and you should try them out.

They’re all priced individually and 100% PAYG.

The one’s I use the most currently are “Topical Thunder” and  “In-Market Intercept”. ‘

“Treasure Map” and “Raving Referrals” are also super useful and drive instantaneous aha-moments when you first load them up.

Okay – playtime’s over! Back to work for me.

Talk soon 🙂

~ Chris

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